Friday, January 14, 2011

Liz Clay Workshop and Blue Moon Wrap

Two days ago I received an exciting email from Liz Clay; an extraordinarily talented couture felt maker, author of a book "Nuno Felt" and chair of the International Feltmakers Association

Last year was so full on for me (with my sister Polly and Sachiko's workshops, the Creative Felt Gathering, a business starting and ending) that I didn't plan beyond 2010.  I've been feeling rather badly that I had no special events scheduled for this year... then Liz's email arrived, asking if I would be interested in sponsoring the TRANSLATING IMAGES - COMBINING NUNO FELTS workshop for her this August.  Would I ever!

I had seen the work that her students produced in her Elemental Rhythms workshop at the Felter's Fling in 2007.  They used detailed photographs, primarily close ups of ordinary surfaces from nature or every day life (tree fungus, rust, peeling paint), and using a variety of nuno felting techniques, duplicated the photographs in felt.  Finished pieces were window matted together: felt juxtaposed with photo.  In many instances I could not distinguish the felt from the photo without very close and careful scrutiny. I wanted to learn these techniques!

I met Liz at that Felter's Fling.  I was familiar with her line of ethereal felted boas, but during the evening Fling instructor's presentations, I discovered that there is much more to her oeuvre.  She told the fascinating story of her felt commissions for designer Stella McCartney, and the house of Givenchy.  Liz's story continued to resonate with me last year, when my business was approached about doing a collaboration with Patricia Voto to create a series of her clothing designs.  Patricia was new to the potential of felt, I had never felted lined and layered garments, but I recalled Liz's attitude of  I can do that, even when the undertaking seems mammoth.  So, with my partner's persuasion, we did create a series of felted garments
that culminated in Patricia's Senior Thesis Exhibition at Parson's School of Design in NYC.

So I am busy planning this worshop for Liz, excited to make a connection with another international felting friend and to share her knowledge and experience with other feltmakers.

MEANWHILE, I am off to the studio to create a rush job to wear tonight.  I'm attending Adirondack Theater Festival's fundraiser, Blue Moon.  I have donated a tencel/merino blend felted wrap I made for their silent auction.  We are invited to dress in blue, so my plan is to felt into a piece of Indigo dyed organza with some lovely space dyed Merino wool from Tree Tops called "The Blues".    Will try to photo document the process....  and maybe run out to find something to wear under it!

Wish me luck, as I'm winging it!


  1. Would you please let me know the dates the courses with Liz Clay will be held. i am a fan of hers too and would love to participate in her workshops, not sure that i will be able to as i am in Buenos Aires but who knows maybe i can make it to England for August.
    Your own work is also fab!

  2. I forgot to say good luck!!! would love to see the photos of the process.

  3. Ahh just realised you are not in the UK... I am travelling to New York in June so maybe i can take a class with you!!


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