Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Post

I always have a lot to say, but having a forum to express myself in is intimidating.  I feel like I need to back up, and chronicle past events, but I will try to focus it, to be relevant.
Sachiko models her Ori-Kiri
Sachiko & Polly on Silver Bay, Lake George, NY

This summer has been so full, I can hardly believe it is over.
I planned and organized for over a year to host a felting retreat held at YMCA of the Adirondacks at Silver Bay on Lake George NY this past June.  It started with my invitation/request to Sachiko Kotaka to come here to teach for me in the US, and evolved into Sachiko coordinating her visit with my sister Polly (Stirling).  From there, I got excited about the prospect of the two of them teaching together at the retreat.  They had never taught together in the US.  Sachiko had never taught in the US at all.  Polly agreed to teach, but they each wanted separate sessions.  With the economy as struggling it has been, I wanted it to be affordable to students, so I decided on a four day retreat.  There was a lot of interest from people from the start, and registrations filled rather quickly.
Sachiko Kotaka, Ori-kiri detail

Polly Stirling in Comfort Felts Workshop
June Green listening intently to Sachiko's critique
Anna Finzi's Ori-kiri layout in progress

Sachiko leading class discussion about "healthy" Ori-kiri
The venue was beautiful, worth the heavy camp style meals.  Polly and Sachiko  managed to squeeze a LOT into the two day sessions they taught, and students managed to squeeze out a remarkable scale of work in each two day session.  Polly taught "Comfort Blankets" and Sachiko "Ori-kiri Felt".  I hoped to participate in the felting, but spent almost all of my time in my "shop" corner- measuring and cutting cotton voile and silk, and weighing wool for students.  It was such a full on four days- everyone was urged to stretch  out of familiar comfort zones- show and tell was amazing!
Student's Ori-kiri layout
Ori-kiri, Sachiko Kotaka

Fiona Duthie's Ori-kiri blanket
Irene's comfort blanket
Kathy Korin's Ori-kiri
Susan Blakney's Ori-kiri window panel
Sara West's Ori-kiri
Wendy the Weaver's Ori-kiri

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