Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sachiko's Felting Techniques & BYOF Workshop

For a few days after the Silver Bay retreat, Sachiko hung out in my studio.  She was so energized from teaching, she just wanted to felt.  I worked on dull paperwork while she spent hours on an intricate double sided layout that she felted.  It was as gorgeous before felting as it was after.  We had fun, she was a wonderful visitor. Always some wisdom or humor from her, and we had long talks about her life and artistic philosophy.  I'm always curious and eager to hear about unfamiliar places and experiences so I loved it all.  Here are some images of Sachiko at work in the studio, and during a break at the fabulous Chocolate Mill in Glens Falls!
Sachiko's intricate layout, prefelts, fabrics- double sided
detail of Sachiko's layout

serene Sachiko with her beautiful sweet at the Chocolate Mill
 The felting Techniques Workshop was filled with new concepts in felting, new to the students.  It was a sample workshop, not the way Sachiko is used to working.  As you can see, she generally spends a L O T of time on layouts, but I asked her to focus on introducing a variety of her techniques (non Ori-kiri) and being the sport that she is, she complied.  The result was very diverse work from participants and a lot of enthusiasm, which Sachiko generates easily!
Emily laying out calamari felt
checking out Emily's felted calamari piece
Sachiko expounding
Sachiko showing her Ori-kiri to the class

The next June felting retreat was the "BYOF" (bring your own felt), held in Kelloggsville, NY, in what Polly has dubbed the "Odd Felter's Hall".   It was a mentored retreat, organized as a fund raiser for our family cottage, The Woodlot.  Mentors included Polly, Cher Benda, Sachiko and myself.  Felters stayed at the Woodlot, about a mile from the Odd Felter's on Skaneateles Lake.  Our nieces (and family members) contributed by catering our dinners.  It was great being with old friends and new in such a familiar place- I've attended many of Polly's retreats at the Odd Felter's Hall over the years.  Our participant's work was diverse, as always.  Here are a few images from our week...
Early morning fishing and canoeing on the lake
Alyssa's finished piece, her 1st felt!
Polly and Rosanne hang show & tell

Jack & Anna Featherly of, our chefs du jour!

Sherry's coat yardage
Emily with her beautiful felt
Patricia shows her piece
The odd felters!
Ali and Linda's silk
The Woodlot


  1. Whew Robin! What a whirlwind summer...So much creativity flowing through you. I'm so glad that I was able to meet you during your fantastic feltmaking journey.

    I love your new did a great job of putting everything together...great pictures and descriptions. Will look forward to your next post.


  2. Lovely post. Reading about Sachiko at your studio brought a huge smile to my face. She is so talented & funny!

    Meeting Polly is something I will always treasure. Plus, I am so glad we were able to spend lots of time together too!


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